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COVID-19 Update

For the past few weeks, MedTrans GO has faced COVID-19 with the goal of safety for our customers. We have developed protocols for our network of providers to decrease the risk of COVID-19 infection to our partners and customers. Our healthcare leadership team has followed CDC guidelines to come up with protocols to limit COVID19 exposure in our community.

We have partnered with EMS transportation providers with personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning agents that allows us to safely transport COVID19 patients and patients that could potentially have COVID19. We are working on an interpretation video conferencing platform that can also be used by our customers for telemedicine at no additional cost.

We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and update our protocols in addition to developing new tools to help our healthcare partners deliver care during these challenging times. We are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated team and a leadership team with extensive healthcare and technology experience.

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