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AfroTech 2023: CEO Dana Weeks Delivers Passionate Speech on Inclusive Innovation

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Dana Weeks presenting on stage in front of an audience. Behind her is a large screen with the logo AfroTech.

For the inaugural Health Summit of the AfroTech 2023 Conference in Austin, TX, CEO Dana Weeks was invited to discuss the importance of inclusivity in HealthTech innovation and present the MedTrans Go solution!

Advances in technology allow for the creation of an inclusive healthcare system that will allow us to transform healthcare access and outcomes. The morning of the Health Summit, Dana led a presentation on the impact MedTrans Go's technology has on all members of the healthcare ecosystem by prioritizing the inclusion of all stakeholders in solving the issue of cancellations. Patients are able to break through barriers to care and ensure needed treatment. Medical staff, especially nurses, are able to reduce their workload and alleviate factors that lead to burnout. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are able to save revenue and efficiently serve more patients. And the greater community benefits the most as care facilities are able to keep their doors open and serve those in need.

The annual AfroTech Conference connects a global community of over 20,000 black tech innovators for a series of digital and in-person events. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, Black Americans make up only 8 percent of the tech workforce nationally, compared to 12 percent across all occupations. Through relationship building, partnership and recruiting facilitation, information sharing, and celebration of innovation from black tech talent from around the world, AfroTech presents an opportunity for attendees to return to their respective spaces better than they left them.


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