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Guarantee injured clients receive their medical treatment

By securing safe and reliable transportation and interpretation services in one centralized place.

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I need a transportation or interpretation solution for my:

When injured clients miss needed medical appointments, their entire case is jeopardized.

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That’s why MedTrans Go connects legal firms and medical funding companies to safe, reliable, and certified service partners that address the root causes of medical appointment cancellations.

Our easy-to-use, all-in-one digital platform makes client case management simpler than ever and saves your organization valuable time and money.

No two clients are the same, so why treat their transportation and interpretation that way?

Schedule the right services for clients all in one place.

"MedTrans Go's willingness to go above and beyond their call of duty is a testament to their dedication to their professionalism and their commitment to serving our community. This team has set a high standard for what a transportation service should be - efficient, reliable and empathetic."

Moore Injury Funding, CEO

A Comprehensive Solution Set for Clients

A number of factors impact clients getting the care they need before their day in court. Access our full suite of solutions through the MedTrans Go portal to ensure injured clients make each appointment.

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