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Transforming the NEMT industry

MedTrans Go offers a digital network of qualified drivers and vehicles to transport your patients to their appointments and ultimately, reduce patient cancellations and no shows for your practice. Each driver is 10-Point Certified to meet our stringent code of care, including background checks, driving safety record, healthcare training, and HIPAA compliance.

Do your patients need transportation services?

Do you provide transportation and want to partner with MedTrans Go?



  • Industry-leading 10-point driver certification to qualify drivers, including background checks, driving record, HIPAA compliance, and medical training

  • Access to a wide network of qualified medical transportation providers with kind and courteous drivers who understand that passengers may require extra assistance

  • Couch to couch transportation for the highest level of patient care

  • Easy online booking and rescheduling via our proprietary platform

  • Nonprocedural and procedural rides including concierge services where the driver can stay with the patient for the entire appointment

  • Sedan, stretcher, and wheelchair options to meet your patient's needs

  • Same-day booking and cancellations because we know that plans change

  • Simple invoicing with medical billing codes included

Find out how you can start reducing no-show rates, increasing revenue, and improving patient care today!

Transportation - Customer

Are you an individual or caregiver seeking transportation for a medical appointment?

MedTrans Go believes that all patients should have access to healthcare, so while we are primarily B2B, we also offer our services for private paying individuals.

A transporter assisting a wheelchair user into a non-emergency medical van
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