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Unleash the efficiency of your surgery center

By securing transportation that boosts patient flow and drives in untapped revenue.

Take charge of transport, and watch patients roll in.

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A patient with unreliable transportation is a no-show or cancellation waiting to happen. Our surgeon founder learned this the hard way.

Whether your patient needs a rideshare to an appointment or an NEMT wheelchair vehicle home post-procedure, secure the right service for your patient's care within 60 seconds on our portal.

That's why we built a seamless transportation solution to integrate directly into your healthcare operations. 

No two patients are the same, so why treat their transportation that way?

Schedule the right transportation for your patients all in one place.

Provide transportation and get results.


Reduction in cancellation rates

1.5 Hour

Reduction in transport discharge times


In revenue generated by our customers


"With MedTrans Go, we completed over $1 Million in Spine & Extremity Surgeries that would have otherwise been cancelled."

-Orthopedic ASC in Georgia

A Step Beyond Transportation

Transportation isn't the only factor keeping patients from care. Access any of our other solutions through the MedTrans Go portal to further boost your operations.


In-person, video, and phone certified medical interpretation in over 100 languages, including ASL. 


Rx pick-ups and pharmacy stops to ensure patients receive their needed medication post-procedure.

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Post-procedural care provided by certified nursing assistants up to 48 hours after the procedure.

About Us

Dr. Obi Ugwonali stood alone in his orthopedic surgery center’s operating room, sterilized equipment gleaming under the crackling overhead lights - the room alive, yet not a patient in sight after two back-to-back cancellations shattered his OR’s schedule.

From that point on, Dr. Ugwonali and his team at MedTrans Go sought to develop a solution for healthcare providers that ensures patients attend their appointments and procedures. Unlike other transportation and interpretation solutions, we build our technology with healthcare professionals' needs and operations at the forefront.

Join the solution today, and maximize the level of care you can achieve!

Getting Started

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