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Eliminate the language barrier to care

MedTrans Go offers a network of highly qualified medical interpretation providers through phone, video, or in-person services. Our interpreters offer effective communication between patients and medical providers so that your patients can better understand their treatment.

Do your patients need interpretation services?

Do you provide interpretation and want to partner with MedTrans Go?



  • Certified interpreters in over 100 languages, including American Sign Language, to accommodate all of your patient's needs

  • Phone, video, or in-person interpretation services available

  • Integrated telemedicine platform 

  • Easy online booking and rescheduling

  • Access to a wide network of qualified, medically certified interpretation providers

  • Ability to set preferred interpreters for your patients

  • Same-day booking and cancellation because we know that plans change

  • InterpretationNOW feature, which launches a phone or video interpretation session within minutes 

  • Simple invoicing with medical billing codes included

Find out how you can start reducing no-show rates, increasing revenue, and improving patient care today!

Interpretaton - Customer

Are you an individual or caregiver seeking interpretation for a medical appointment?

MedTrans Go believes that all patients should have access to healthcare, so while we are primarily B2B, we also offer our services for private paying individuals.

An American Sign Language interpreter signing through a virtual call
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