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MedTrans Go interpretation network

MedTrans Go connects healthcare providers’ interpretation needs with our network of Certified Medical Interpretation partners to keep patient appointments from being canceled due to language barriers.


As we expand our reach, we’re looking for more certified interpretation partners to join us in revolutionizing communication in healthcare.

As our interpretation partner, you can:

  • Accept the sessions that are best for you via phone, video, and/or in person 

  • Receive real time notifications when qualifying requests become available

  • Accept sessions based on your availability with pre-scheduled and on-demand requests dispatched every day

  • Pick up last minute requests through our InterpretationNOW feature to fill immediate gaps in your schedule 


MedTrans Go takes care of:

  • Marketing your services to our customer base

  • Providing logistics tools

  • Billing and collecting payments so you are always paid on time


of Missed appointments are due to Interpretation and transportation issues


of limited english proficient patients without an interpreter did not fully understand their diagnosis


of all appointments are missed or cancelled, delaying access to care


Are you medically certified to interpret in any non-English languages? MedTrans Go is leading the way in how language interpretation is delivered in health care. If you are motivated and inspired to be part of this movement and want to make money while doing it, we are looking for YOU.

join our Network

Let's get you signed up to work with our customers! 

*Medical Language Certificate (Minimum 40 Hour Course) is required to join our network.

Are you looking to join the Medical Interpretation field but don't have your certification yet?

Check out some of these online resources before joining our network:

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters  administers a national interpreter certification program to medical interpreters of all languages.

The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters offers the Hub-CMI credential, as well as CMI certifications for interpreters nationwide.

The Medical Interpreting Training School offers interpreters a comprehensive 40-hour online course and more than 20 hours of exam preparation materials.

ALTA Language Services' self-paced, 40-hour program will enable interpreters to work nationally and arrive prepared for national certification exams.

Have any further questions regarding the process?

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