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Drive Rides, 
Drive Revenue

We send you available NEMT rides and provide the tools to dispatch and collect payments. You accept which rides work best with your schedule - no pressure involved.

*Register on DESKTOP for best experience.

The Perks of Joining

Boost amount of rides completed each week

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Free scheduling and dispatching software

Choose rides that best work with your schedule

24/7 live support for ride requests

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Pre-scheduled and on-demand rides available daily

Estimated payouts available before selecting requests

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Quick registration process


No cost to join our partner network

The Requirements

To meet the safety standards mandated by our enterprise customers, we require our transportation partners maintain:

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HIPAA and CPR training

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Defensive driver certification

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Drivers are 23+ years of age

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10 year national background check

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5 year motor vehicle check

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10 panel drug screen

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Patient transport training (PASS)

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Insurance coverage required for NEMTs by state law

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Wheelchair and stretcher training (if applicable) 

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To ease your operations, partnering with MedTrans Go gives you access to our web-based portal and mobile app. 

Ride Types Available through MedTrans Go

"As a new NEMT business, it was hard to get clients on a regular basis. But after partnering with MedTrans Go, my schedule is booked for the week every week. I'm increasing financially to the point that I need to look into hiring another driver."


Unlike traditional brokers, we invest in our partners' success. 

As former owners of an NEMT business, we know where traditional brokers don't work. That’s why we provide free logistics tools and give your team the power to choose which rides you want to accept. Fill last-minute gaps in your calendar or pre-schedule your week with rides - either way, we work together to boost the number of rides and revenue your business makes in a year.

We've Paved the Road

So you can focus on the rides. Register and join our partner network to begin accessing increased ride volume.


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