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Enabling The Next Generation 

of Healthcare Delivery

MedTrans Go provides medical practices and centers with safe and reliable medical transportation and interpretation for individuals undergoing medical treatment or services.


One-stop shop

We provide both transportation and translation assistance. 


Pricing lower than usual and customary. Patients can use health insurance or flexible spending. 

our team

We have a unique leadership team composed of healthcare, business, legal and technology professionals,


Internal policy to maintain and enforce HIPAA compliance. 

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 Transportation and Interpretation play a critical role in improving compliance. We are committed to the most professional level of service to ensure that your patients get the care that they deserve. Ultimately, our mission is to add value to your operations and finance. Our mission is to make that process easy and cost effective for both you and your institution. 

Vital Signs for Personal, Professional, Service

Sometimes there are no family members or trusted friends to accompany you. MedTrans Go has you covered. 

state-of-the-art ride reliability

Use your phone, tablet or computer and connect it to the MedTrans Go platform to schedule your transportation. 

translation services in

100+ languages

When English is not your first language, book a MedTrans Go certified concierge assistant to help you understand.