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Privacy Policy

As a healthcare technology company, privacy and data security are fundamental to our values. As such, MedTrans Go is committed to protecting your privacy and will not sell your data, nor will we collect any personally identifiable information without your consent. To review our most recent policy updates, please view our Privacy Policy below.


Our story began when our founder, a practicing orthopedic surgeon, had two back-to-back surgeries cancelled due to lack of transportation and medical interpretation services.


Turns out, cancellations are a common problem for patients accessing care across the country, as the US healthcare system loses $150B due to missed appointments every year. More than 50% of these cancellations are due to lack of reliable transportation or interpretation services.


Our solution minimizes appointment cancellations, streamlines hospital discharges, and optimizes patient outcomes. We match healthcare providers with qualified medical transportation, interpretation, home health care, and delivery services in one easy-to-use, integrated digital platform.

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