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Never lose a case due to client transportation or language barriers again

Secure safe and reliable transportation and interpretation services for legal client’s medical appointments today.


When injured clients miss needed medical appointments, their entire case is jeopardized.

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That’s why MedTrans Go connects legal firms to safe, reliable, and certified service partners that address the root causes of medical appointment cancellations.

Our easy-to-use, all-in-one digital platform makes client case management simpler than ever and saves your organization valuable time and money.

How It Works

Order custom transportation or interpretation in <60 seconds on our portal

Our certified service partner accepts and reaches out to your client to confirm

Day of, client receives service and you can monitor via our portal and 24/7 live support

Post-request, access service invoices via our portal and billing team

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Flexible payment options to meet your firm’s needs

Whether your firm would like to work on a lien or pay for services directly, we’ve got you covered. Our portal makes it easier than ever to order and receive transportation services on a lien* - all we need is a signed Attorney Letter of Protection for each client.


We can also reach out to any funding companies your firm uses to cover your service requests. 

*Attorney Letter of Protection needed to work on a lien

No two clients are the same, so why treat their support services that way?

Schedule the right services for clients, both on-demand and in-advance, all in one place with MedTrans Go.

We're Here For You

Customer Success Ordering Transportation

Your time is precious, and ensuring that clients attend medical appointments is just one piece of what your team does to win your case. That's why we handle all the coordination and invoicing of transportation and interpretation services so you can focus on the rest.

Order what you need, and know your clients are in certified hands and will safely get to their appointments on-time, every time with MedTrans Go.

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Rural and out-of-state transports

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100+ languages and dialects available

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10-point certified medical transporters

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Certified medical and legal interpreters

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Live GPS tracking of transportation

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On-demand interpretation options (<10 minutes)

A Comprehensive Solution Set for Clients

A number of factors impact clients getting the care they need before their day in court. Beyond just transportation and interpretation, access our full suite of solutions through the MedTrans Go portal to ensure injured clients make each appointment.

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