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MedTrans Go 2023 Q1 Recap

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

As we look back on Q1 of this year, we here at MedTrans Go want to celebrate some of our team’s wins and reflect on future opportunities for 2023. It’s been one thrilling quarter!

The Start of Our 2023 Journey

Last quarter, MedTrans Go launched our services at Emory Rehabilitation Hospital transporting discharged patients to their next location of care. This launch is part of our ongoing rollout of services across Emory Healthcare that began with the Emory University Hospital’s Emergency Department late last year.

On the technology side, we deployed multiple feature updates to further increase our platform’s ease-of-use. Customers now have the ability to grant different levels of access across their team depending on what information and tools each user needs. In our service partner app, we implemented new patient pick-up ETA and drop-off verification features to further ensure patients are getting to their destinations safely and within an efficient timeframe.

One of our newest and proudest developments is our Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature for request submissions. This allows for certain customers to email or text the main details of their request to us and our AI feature will pull the relevant information and input the request directly into the portal. This feature is currently in testing with a few select customers, but we will soon deploy it to more individuals within the workers’ compensation and personal injury spaces later this year.

In March, MedTrans Go attended the On Aging Conference as an Exhibitor, giving our team the chance to introduce our services to those coordinating care for older adults and learn how we can best provide medical transportation, interpretation, and home health care support to Area Agencies on Aging, long-term care facilities, and family caregivers. Our couch-to-couch service, wheelchair and stretcher vehicle options, and 10-point transportation partner certification were big hits with attendees! Additionally, MedTrans Go CEO and Co-Founder, Dana Weeks, was featured as a conference speaker for the ATDC AgeTech Presentation How Innovative Technology is Enabling the Family Caregiver, where she shared how transformative the utilization of MedTrans Go can be for the lives of those coordinating care for their aging loved ones.

Finally, one of our most exciting announcements yet: after a thrilling fundraising round, MedTrans Go closed an oversubscribed Seed-3 Raise and secured $2.3 million for the company! This marks our second Seed Raise since we launched Version 2.0 of our platform in early 2021 and will launch us forward this year in reaching our upcoming goals in technology and customer growth.

Our Next Destinations

SOC-2 Type 1 Certification for technology is on the horizon! SOC-2 is a voluntary compliance certification for organizations that follows strict standards on managing customer data. Achieving this certification will continue to place MedTrans Go one step above our competitors in ensuring the security of our customer’s trusted data and privacy as we continue to expand our services to hospital systems, health insurance companies, and more.

Along the lines of protecting private data, another upcoming milestone is our planned Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) integration with EPIC which will allow healthcare providers to securely track their patients utilization of MedTrans Go’s services and coordinate the best treatment of their patients through our platform directly from their patients’ records.

Refueled and Ready to Go!

With Seed-3 funding under our belts, MedTrans Go is diving into the rest of 2023 with a focus on external and internal growth. “The expansion of MedTrans Go’s team, technology, breadth of services, and geographic reach will allow us to bring our solution to so many more populations experiencing diminished access to care,” said CEO Dana Weeks. “I’m so excited to see the impact this incredible growth will have on improving the quality of care our customers can offer their vulnerable patients.”

Just in Q1, we’ve expanded our team by 6 members across sales, marketing, and technology. Check out our careers page if you’re interested in joining the team, or if you’re a healthcare provider looking to improve efficiency and patient care, please contact us for a demo of our platform!

Who Are We?

MedTrans Go connects healthcare providers to care coordination service providers to optimize healthcare appointments and dissolve the root causes of patient cancellations which cost the US healthcare industry over $150 billion a year. With MedTrans Go, healthcare providers can request and track services provided by safe, reliable, and vetted medical transportation, interpretation, home health care, and delivery providers in one easy-to-use, integrated digital platform.



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