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Boosting Revenue in Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

In the last 15 years, the number of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the US doubled, with over 50% of outpatient surgical procedures now being performed at ASCs. Many have come to associate ASCs with lower readmission rates, higher patient satisfaction, a reduction in post-surgical complications, and lower cost of care. In fact, the growing availability of ASCs reduces overall healthcare costs in the US by more than $38B a year, and Medicare is projected to save more than $73B due to ASCs between 2019 and 2028. 

While ASCs are leading the way in reducing the cost of care, how can they continue to increase their own revenue?

Three surgeons operating on an individual under anesthesia.

Did you know? Ambulatory Surgery Center Edition

The US healthcare industry loses over $150B a year due to patient cancellations

Cancellation rates vary widely across the industry with some ASCs reporting up to 39%

The estimated average revenue loss due to surgical cancellations is ~$1,500 per hour

1 in 5 Americans without access to reliable transportation skip medical appointments and procedures

Over 60M Americans live in rural areas, yet 93% of ASCs are in urban settings

Over 25M Limited English Proficient Americans require interpretation services to reach informed consent

Addressing the root causes of patient cancellations (including last-minute reschedules) can increase revenue for ASCs and get patients care when they need it.

To support other ASCs in the fight against cancellations, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Obi Ugwonali, compiled his research and recommendations on identifying and minimizing these root causes through manageable solutions. Access his guide here to learn more.

An image of Dr. Obi Ugwonali with an empty surgery bed. The words next to him read 'Tired of patient cancellations? Dr. Obi was too. Learn what solutions he found.'

With MedTrans Go…

One of the key ways ASCs can lower patient cancellation rates is by efficiently addressing transportation, geographic, and language barriers to care. Our tech-enabled solution allows healthcare providers to schedule services at the root of patient cancellations in less than 60 seconds, saving your ASC time and money and improving patient outcomes by minimizing delays in surgical care.

Through MedTrans Go, access:

  • A network of certified Non-Emergency Medical Transporters to get your patients to their surgeries on time and back home safely post-procedure

  • A network of certified Medical Interpreters in over 100 languages, including ASL

  • Customizable data insights

  • Couch-to-couch service, rural coverage, GPS tracking tools, patient reminders, and more!

Learn more about how MedTrans Go can reduce your surgery center’s cancellation rate.



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