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MedTrans Go Winner of Prime Health Innovation Challenge!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

MedTrans Go is elated to announce that we won second place in the 2021 Prime Health Innovation Challenge! This incredible opportunity will allow us to bring our unique healthcare solution to low income, rural, and Limited English Proficient Coloradans accessing maternal health and other necessary medical services across the state of Colorado.

Many of the patients that MedTrans Go will be assisting have limited access to necessary healthcare due to lack of transportation, diminished access to interpretation services, and distance from the closest healthcare providers. Every year, over 300,000 Coloradans are prevented from getting to their appointments due to lack of transportation, and over 312,000 Coloradans are classified as Limited English Proficient and have issues understanding their diagnoses without a medically certified interpreter present. In addition, over 50% of rural Colorado counties completely lack OB services for maternal health patients, and there is a 49% increase in post-natal mortality in rural counties compared to large urban counties. MedTrans Go is dedicated to using our solution to ensure that these patients receive the care that they need.

This year marks the 8th annual Innovation Challenge identifying solutions for the most pressing issues facing Colorado’s healthcare community. The Innovation Challenge is funded by the Colorado Health Foundation and offers entrepreneurs a unique venue to test their products and gain valuable insights that will help them bring value in Colorado’s unique healthcare landscape.

Prime Health assembled a panel of nearly 100 expert judges from every facet of healthcare in Colorado to participate in the Innovation Challenge. The competition began in May 2021, and the three winning companies will be those who receive the most interest from provider organizations interested in piloting their solutions to impact healthcare for Coloradans.

In partnership with The Colorado Health Foundation, Prime Health has to date awarded more than $1.25 million in pilot funding, supported the development of more than 48 pilots and led the community in vetting more than 350 different health technology solutions.

To learn more about the challenge and the other incredible companies ensuring health equity in Colorado, visit



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