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MedTrans Go is Honored to Announce Our Partnership with CONVOYER!

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

No one should ever face missing a medical appointment due to lack of transportation. MedTrans Go and CONVOYER are excited to work together to provide a transportation solution that ensures every patient is able to safely and promptly access the care they need.

MedTrans Go is a business-to-business platform that serves as a one-stop solution for healthcare appointment optimization, brokering services between healthcare facilities, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers, medical interpreters, and more. CONVOYER connects families and older adults who need local and travel companionship with military veterans who have a passion for service. MedTrans Go operates a digital platform with a robust network of qualified drivers and vehicles that transports patients to their appointments. Their transportation network eliminates the need to cancel or reschedule appointments due to a patient’s lack of transportation and removes the burden and risk of asking non-medically trained family members, friends, or rideshare drivers to provide needed assistance. Each MedTrans Go driver must pass a 10-Point Certification to meet their stringent code of care including background checks, driving safety record, healthcare training, and HIPAA compliance. "As a practicing orthopedic surgeon, I envisioned a network of safe and reliable transportation providers that I felt comfortable transporting vulnerable patients using state-of-the-art technology and logistics. That is what we have created at MedTrans Go. Our partnership with CONVOYER expands our ability to help transport vulnerable customers beyond healthcare," said Dr. Obi Ugwonali, Co-Founder and President of MedTrans Go. CONVOYER’s network of highly qualified military veterans who provide local and travel companionship services, backed by a precision logistics platform, is an ideal partner to MedTrans Go’s medically qualified transportation network. MedTrans Go leverages the skillsets and under-utilized schedules of NEMTs to serve their clients, just as CONVOYER leverages military veterans’ skillsets to provide rewarding employment opportunities that enables veterans to continue their lifelong service to others. “We are thrilled to partner with a company like MedTrans Go who is solving a multi-billion dollar transportation problem while simultaneously providing flexible employment opportunities to their network of NEMTs and other first responders. The breadth of capability and quality of service provider found in the networks of CONVOYER and MedTrans Go is unmatched in the world today. We look forward to creating the future of travel companionship and medical transportation with MedTrans Go,” John Humphreys, CONVOYER co-founder. About MedTrans Go MedTrans Go is a tech-enabled portal that provides medical practices, hospitals, and facilities with access to reliable medical transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery services in one easy-to-use integrated digital platform. MedTrans Go’s story began five years ago when the founder, Dr. Obi Ugwonali, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, had two back-to-back surgeries canceled due to lack of transportation and medical interpretation services. These cancellations cost his practice over $100K in fees and opportunity costs. As Dr. Ugwonali researched the problem and discussed the idea of a dedicated ride service with other healthcare professionals, he learned that not only does the US healthcare system lose $150B due to roughly 3.6M missed appointments every year, transportation issues and lack of access to medical interpretation cause over 50% of medical appointment cancellations across the US. After recognizing the depth of need of addressing these issues, he began to develop a software platform that would not only broker rides between underutilized NEMT companies but also schedule interpreters for patients who needed medical interpretation, even remotely via video telemedicine. MedTrans Go continued to develop their services with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry as they added telemedicine and Rx delivery services to their platform. With their easy-to-use web and mobile portals, MedTrans Go helps medical facilities reduce patient cancellations, increase revenue, and efficiently deliver care. Their mission is to make the processes of transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery coordination simple and cost-effective for everyone. To learn more, visit

About CONVOYER CONVOYER is a network of military veterans that provides trusted travel accompaniment services. Our mission is to empower individuals and families to travel and create memories with confidence. CONVOYER was founded by Marine Officers who served as Convoy Commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan. These young officers left active duty to attend law school and business school which led to careers in New York where they eventually re-connected. Working long hours and traveling for business, they no longer had the time to escort family members to-and-from important life events as they had previously done.

Through this, they realized the need for reliable and professional travel accompaniment for their loved ones. This was the same capability they and their Marines provided in combat, the planning and execution of convoys. A convoy is the escort and delivery of highly valued people and goods with a maximum degree of professionalism. The resource existed: a network of professional military veterans in communities throughout the country, imbued with the values of service and mission accomplishment standing ready to allow you and your family to travel with ease and confidence. From their experience, CONVOYER was born. CONVOYER connects capability with need. Travel with confidence. MedTrans Go Contact Information: 404-826-7212 CONVOYER Contact Information: 866-977-7467



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